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health & environmental ind.: w/the shaklee difference you can make a difference
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My name is Sr. Gayanne. I am a Catholic sister and Shaklee business leader. In my religious vocation we are committed both to prayer and to helping others. I work with a religious apostolate, Divine Mercy Apostolate, and Health and Environmental Industries. I help families and individuals gain physical health & financial wellness through Shaklee's home-based business training & nutritional/environmental programs. This work is not only rewarding, when I see families and individuals benefitting from it; it is flexible enough to do along with my religious work and obligations and complements my religious work. It is truly a work of mercy. I worked as a nurse for ten years, but Shaklee preventive health care and nutritional support has added a new dimension and made life changing differences in the lives I touch. It has given hope to many who would not have had their health otherwise. I have used Shaklee products more than 27 years & have never found anything as effective. I also have never found a better company. Shaklee was founded on & follows the Golden Rule. The marketing and compensation plan make Shaklee attractive over other ways of being in business for oneself and is without the stresses and risks. I believe their new products will contribute to stemming the tide of disease in this country and present to anyone interested an exciting career opportunity marketing these scientific-breakthrough products to those who need them.I can recommend the company & the products in good conscience & with strong belief in the quality of both products and business. Shaklee has truly been a blessing to me. I hope it will be for you, too! Feel free to contact me over the website or by phone at 804-272-3332.